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Fibrofos 60

Dried chicory root in powder form. Rich in inulin.

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Fibrofos 60

FIBROFOS 60 is dried chicory root reduced to a powder product (99,2%). An anti-caking is added (0,4%) to improve the flow ability of the product.

Fibrofos 60 is specifically high in inulin (min.60 % on product and 72% on DM.The prebiotic inulin improves the bacterial flora by serving as an ideal substrate for the lactobacilli’s. Fibrofos 60 provides the monogastrics with a large quantity of soluble fibres and contributes to the health of the animal.

The presence of a 0.42% of sesquiterpene lactones reduces worms and parasites, even at low dosage.

for a good gut function, to improve feed conversion (rate)


  • Minimum of 60% inuline

Suitable for:

  • Pigs, Poultry, Petfood

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