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Balanced immunity, healthy cows, more milk

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NutriTek is Diamond V‘s most advanced natural nutritional health product for all dairy animals. Based on next generation fermentation technology, NutriTek is a novel product consisting of proven Diamond V functional metabolites and new fermentation compounds, which include additional antioxidants and polyphenols. These unique DV Bioactives™ work synergistically to support immunity, health, and performance. Optimized rumen health and balanced immune function translates into healthy cows performing to their genetic potential. Research shows NutriTek supports:

  • Rumen health
  • Dry matter intake in early lactation
  • Maintenance of body weight
  • Efficient feed utilization
  • Milk production over entire lactation


  • Optimale pensgezondheid
  • Meer DS opname in begin lactatie
  • Behoud van lichaamsgewicht na afkalven
  • Betere voerefficiëntie in midden lactatie
  • Meer melk over de gehele lactatie
  • Reductie salmonellabesmettingen

Suitable for:

  • Cattle

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